Honda’s Acura division has pulled back the curtain on a sleek Precision EV concept at Monterey Car Week. Acura took inspiration from Italian power boats for the design, which it says shows “a future vision of electrified vehicles with distinct manual and full driving automation experiences.”

The Prologue, which will be Honda’s first electric SUV, is scheduled to arrive in 2024 and will use this design language. The concept has a front end that fully lights up and 23-inch wheels, along with an exterior design that’s intended to convey Acura’s emphasis on performance. The brand says it has “a wide, athletic stance, expressive silhouette and sharp character lines dressed in eye-catching Double Apex Blue with a matte finish.”

As for the interior, Acura took a cue from the cockpit of a Formula 1 car. The concept has a yoke-style steering wheel, a low driving position and what Acura describes as “high-performance driver sightlines.”

The brand plans to offer two driving modes. The Instinctive Drive option is designed to highlight performance driving, with racing-style digital instrumentation along with red ambient and pipe lighting. When the Spiritual Lounge mode is enabled for autonomous use, the SUV will retract the steering wheel, switch to calming lighting with an underwater-style animated projection and pump in soothing scents for a more laid-back experience.

There’s a focus on sustainability as well. Acura utilized marbled recycled plastic trim and 100 percent biomass leather. All the aluminum, along with the green cast acrylic used for the steering wheel secondary controls, was made from recycled materials. The concept also has a wide and curved transparent display with haptic feedback.

Acura Precision EV concept interior with Spiritual Lounge mode enabled