7 Ways To Spot An FBI Agent Twitter Profile

FBI agents love to use social media to stalk, harass, and spy on private citizens. Are they spying on you? Don’t be a victim!

Here are 7 ways to spot an FBI Agent Twitter profile:

  1. The profile pic is of a suspiciously hot girl and she just DM’d you “Hullo fellow Patriot! Don’t you love insurrecting things?”: Run like Joseph ran from Potiphar’s wife, it’s a Fed!
  2. Their post history is full of incitements to violence but none of them are censored: Classic MAGA greetings like “I like freedom!”
  3. They follow J. Edgar Hoover for some reason: And their only followers are Twitter employees Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde, and Merrick Garland.
  4. Profile pic clearly shows an FBI agent: If they also list their ID Badge number, look out – that’s a fed!
  5. They are wearing sunglasses in every picture: And they look suspiciously like the agents who raided your house after you spoke up at a PTA meeting.
  6. Link in their bio leads to And their pinned tweet says “looking for ideas, or rather tips, on governors to kidnap.”
  7. They keep warning of an inbound Russian disinformation dump whenever a new episode of The Twitter Files is announced: Putin’s at it again!

We hope these tips help. Be vigilant, fellow patriot!

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