6 must have features in Bluetooth neckbands

Bluetooth Neckband

Neckbands or Bluetooth earphones are a popular choice these days. Suited for non-stop entertainment and long hours of calling; Bluetooth earphones work perfectly both at home and at work. Available in all shapes and sizes, with a diverse set of features to enhance your audio experience; these earphones can make daily audio more fun and immersive. However, given the slew of options, finding the right one isn’t as easy as it seems.

To help you weigh in, we have rounded up some essential features that you would want to look for in your next purchase. Apart from clear and immersive audio, the addition of the following features will augment your overall audio experience, making it more enjoyable and satisfying.  

Audio modes

Audio Modes

Whether it is for music or entertainment; the quality and depth of audio is important. Look for products with a powerful speaker-driver and multiple audio modes to get a truly premium experience. Bass lovers can opt for earphones with a dedicated bass boost function to optimise the sound of every beat.  

Long battery life

Long Battery

Products with a high capacity battery can keep you powered up for almost an entire day, and sometimes even longer. A benchmark to approach battery life could be to look for earphones with a run time of 6 hours or higher. Along with a steady battery, products with fast charging technology can further reduce your charging woes.   

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation

A good set of earphones must have the ability to reduce the unwanted external noise around you. Great for on-the-go usage, noise cancellation on earphones allows the audio to remain crisp and clear, even at a lower volume. In traffic, at work or on a busy street, experience sound without any distractions.

Clear calling

Clear Calling

The purpose of earphones isn’t restricted to music. It is imperative that your earphones deliver steady sound during your daily audio and video calls. As such, products with dual or quad-microphones can ensure that your daily calling sessions go smooth and uninterrupted.

All-day comfort

All Day Comfort

In binge watching shows, listening to your tunes, working out and long hours of calling; a lack of comfort can be a deal breaker. Products with an in-ear design and silicone fin tips can provide a snug and ergonomic fit, making them more favourable for prolonged usage.

High water resistance


If you want to keep your earphones protected from dust, splashes and sweat; pay attention to the IPX rating. This figure determines your products capacity to withstand moisture and dirt. The higher the rating, the more easily your earphones can resist such elemental hindrances.
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