5 ways your workout gear can affect your performance

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When heading to the gym, the right gear can help you with more than just looking good. Recent studies have highlighted the direct relation between what you wear and how well you perform. Everything from the fabric, the choice of shoes, the gloves, even the wearables you choose, has an impact on your overall regime. 

Read on to know how your workout gear can affect the way you train.

Skin safety

Skin Safety

The right gear can determine how you feel both during and after a workout; thereby having an impact on your output and productivity. Rather than fussing over the fancy labels, pay attention to the fabric and your comfort level. Inferior quality clothing can irritate your skin when you sweat, leading to redness and rashes. Sweating in tight clothes coupled with dehydration can clog up your sweat glands resulting in an itchy sensation. A good idea would be to look for well-fitted, breathable fabrics that can keep your skin cool.

Performance and recovery

Performance Recovery

Integrating fitness trackers and opting for compression wear can positively impact your overall routine and optimise recovery. Performance tracking via smartwatches offers insight into various aspects of your training. Compression clothing can reduce muscle fatigue caused during a workout and help heal up the broken muscle tissues after. By pairing the two, you can improve the way you exercise and better manage recovery post your session.  

Injury prevention

Injury Prevention

While injuries can occur due to a bad routine or faulty equipment, the lack of the right gear could also be an issue. When working on your core, wearing a lifting belt over or underneath your t-shirt is crucial. Overlooking this need could lead to lower back problems in the long run. Similarly, gloves and knee pads can both come in handy when working with weights to avoid blisters and heat burns. Appropriate gear can reduce strain, counter fatigue and even help improve your endurance and recovery. 

Sweat and heat management

Freedom of movement

Upon sweating, your damp clothes retain moisture, making them heavy and wet. By opting for lighter, sweat-wicking fabrics, you can stay cool and dry even after an intense session. Sweat-wicking material takes moisture from your body and helps it evaporate through the fabric itself. You can also use a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor to better pace your body and routine. By tracking your performance and maintaining a healthy heart rate through your session, you can stay cool and keep burnout at bay.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of Movement

Being able to exert your full range of movement during exercise is important. Comfortable and lightweight active wear can help you workout without any restrictions. Make sure that you empty your pockets and store everything away in your gym bag before you proceed. If you like adding music to your workout, consider opting for wireless earbuds since they let you move about with complete freedom.

By picking the right attire, your workouts can feel a lot more engaging and satisfying. Pair it with the right wearables to further boost your productivity while exercising