5 smartwatches that can improve the way you train

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Exercising with smart watches is steadily becoming the norm since they can offer unique insight into the effectiveness of your overall routine. From helping you identify your strengths to revealing areas that require improvement, a smart watch can optimise the way you workout in a number of ways.

If you are looking for a smart watch to give your training a leg up, you can consider getting the following Noise smart watches.

ColorFit Ultra Buzz

colorfit ultra buzz

No longer do you have to reach for your smartphone in between your workouts to attend an important call. With the ColorFit Ultra Buzz you can use BT calling to directly answer every call without needing your smartphone. Access your saved music by managing playback directly from your wrist. With 100 sports modes to track your activity, the smartwatch lets you workout to the routine of your choice. The addition of a 24/7 heart rate monitor helps you keep a constant check on how your workout affects your heart rhythm.

ColorFit Pulse Grand

pulse grand

Pack on the intensity and live large with the ColorFit Pulse Grand. With a 1.69” grand LCD display, get ready for an immersive on-screen experience. An IP68 resistance rating ensures that your smartwatch stays protected against sweat and moisture during your workouts. With 60 sports modes to choose from, take your training to the next level by indulging in a range of sporting activities. You can even pursue an active and upbeat lifestyle with customisable reminders to avoid being sedentary.

ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha

Pro 3 alpha

Combining style with function, the ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha has everything that you need to reach peak performance. With 100 sports modes to train with, challenge yourself to break your personal best. When connected to the NoiseFit Assist app, you can use in-app GPS tracking to monitor your session and get detailed performance reports on your progress overtime. 5ATM water resistance ensures that your smartwatch is protected if you decide to go for a swim or for a walk in the rain. With a built-in Alexa, you can use voice commands to get through tasks while in between your workout.

ColorFit Brio


Allowing you to stay motivated and inspired, the ColorFit Brio can help you pursue fitness and live an active lifestyle. Featuring a slim and lightweight design, the smartwatch rests comfortably on your wrist through every workout session. 50 sports modes give you the option to train in a number of ways. Smart DND and quick replies let you operate your smartphone hands-free – so that you can exercise without being interrupted. With up to 10 days of battery life, the smartwatch can keep up with you through multiple training sessions. 

ColorFit Caliber


Complete with a flat-edge design, the ColorFit Caliber comes with a larger than life display so that you can view all your performance metrics with a quick glance at the watch screen. Track your workouts conveniently across a number of arenas with the addition of 60 sports modes. Stay in touch with your fashionable self during every workout by choosing from 5 exciting colour options and more than 20 different kinds of watch straps. 150 cloud-based and customisable watch faces let you complement your background to your daily workout attire.

Our smart watches are well suited to help you train at your very best. You can explore our complete collection of Noise smart watches and choose the one that best suits your workout needs.