5 Reasons to See Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour 2022”

Harry Styles’ US “Love on Tour 2022” is a bit of a misnomer. Rather than a comprehensive trek across the country, the pop phenom is hosting residencies in New York City, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles (get tickets here). Logistically speaking, it’s a clever idea for the Styles crew — but it also testifies to the singer’s star power. What other living star under the age of 30 would be able to successfully schedule 15 nights at the world’s most famous arena?

We had the pleasure of catching Styles’ opening night on Saturday, August 20th at Madison Square Garden in support of his third solo album Harry’s House. And though wordplay inspired by the album title is probably pretty stale at this point, the show did feel like being welcomed into one of the most fun house parties you’ve ever been to. He’s a fantastic host while he’s setting the night’s cheerful mood, singing happy birthday to a lucky fan, or calling another fan’s ex-boyfriend from her phone. No, really. He did that.

If you still need convincing on why you should go see “Love on Tour 2022” this year, here’s just five of many reasons why it’ll be a night to remember. (Grab tickets to see Styles live here.)