23 Things More Secure Than The Southern Border

Brought to you by: PublicSq.

According to Kamala Harris, America’s southern border is totally secure! Whew–that’s great news! But upon further investigation, we found 23 things that are currently more secure than the southern border.

  1. Your grandma’s computer password
  2. Trump’s safe in Mar-A-Lago
  3. Epstein’s prison cell
  4. Thermal exhaust ports on the death star
  5. An unlocked car in Chicago
  6. Your daughter’s hair around Joe Biden
  7. Bed, Bath & Beyond Stock
  8. Trusting in works for salvation
  9. Rings of Power Season 2
  10. The mattress on the car roof that the driver is holding with his left hand
  11. Ashley Biden’s diary
  12. The word of a Spaniard
  13. Hunter’s laptop
  14. Elections in Philadelphia
  15. Ben and J-Lo’s marriage
  16. German gas prices
  17. California’s electric grid
  18. Your lunch in the break room fridge
  19. A cheeseburger in front of your mom
  20. A pile of crack in front of Hunter Biden
  21. Big tech’s handling of your data
  22. Your 401k
  23. Pretty much every other border everywhere else in the world

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