10 Lord of the Rings filming locations you can (and should) visit right now

Let’s start with the obvious then, shall we? Lord of the Rings filming locations don’t get more on the nose than the real, living, breathing Shire – one of the most unique cinematic tourist attractions in the world. Nestled in the lush rolling hills of Matamata, in New Zealand’s North Island, the set was originally taken apart after filming of the LOTR trilogy finished. But when Peter Jackson and Co. recreated it to film the Hobbit, they realised this was something that deserved to be preserved.

And they were right. The most striking part about visiting Hobbiton is the incredible attention to the tiniest details, and – thanks to a busy team of talented gardeners – the fact there’s barely any artifice. The vivid green grass? Real. Those tomatoes? As authentic and delicious as they look. You can take a glance into various Hobbitholes, with little trinkets demonstrating which profession and status they have in the village, and then you can finish your tour with a flagon of mead at the Green Dragon pub. For fans, it doesn’t get much better than this.